We are Tom and Ryan.  Two Northwest bred backpackers and outdoors-men who find joy in mastering our environment with the right gear and tools, at the lightest weight.  After years of trying to find the perfect knife that fit all of our needs (plus some) we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands.  What we needed in a knife:  Can it hold an edge, weigh nothing, be applied to a variety of applications, be trusted, have a few fun features, and all while looking good?  No one was able to hit all our demands - so we went to work.  We were so happy with the results, we had to share!  If you are like us, you will know that a knife company dedicated to designing to these requirements doesn't exist.  If you feel there is something missing in the market, let us know your ideas and feedback so we can continue to design new products.  Between the two of us we have a variety of experience, skills, and education ranging from engineering, to the Marine Corps, to machining, to business - we are confident we can bring you the best designs and will strive to incorporate your feedback.